Cyber Monday eneloop Holiday Specials 12/01/09

Update 11/26/09

Cyber Monday Holiday Deals at and DepotEco on

Available 12:01 a.m.  Cyber Monday 12/01/09  Pacific Time

Back in stock just in time for Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday Eneloop Powerpack, eneloop Battery Charger w/ 8 AA & 2 AAA Batteries Plus 4 C & 4 D Size adapters.

  • Charger unit model # NC-MQN06U
  • Charge 2 or 4 batteries at the same time in pairs.
  • UL approved, rechargeable, Recyclable !
  • New Package Item # 277265

Free standard shipping !!  in the U.S.A. only

Cyber Monday Price: $29.99

Combining all of your battery needs into a convenient kit – that is the idea behind SANYO’s new eneloop Power Pack. The Power Pack comes equipped with a four position charger, eight AA eneloop batteries, two AAA eneloopbatteries, four eneloop C spacers and four eneloop D spacers, which makes this the perfect “battery store for your drawer.”

Sanyo Model # 277265

  • eneloop Rechargeable Battery Power Pack
  • Pre-charged Ni-MH rechargeable battery kit
  • Economical: 1 eneloop = 1,000 alkaline batteries
  • Worry-Free: eneloop works in any device that uses AA, AAA, C or D batteries
  • Convenient: eneloop batteries are pre-charged and ready to use when you are

Cyber Monday eneloop power pack Price: $29.99

Battery Charger Features:

  • (Worldwide Voltage)
  • Charges both AA and AAA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries
  • Foldaway plug; No cords or wall adapters needed
  • Multi-color LED charge indicator lights
  • * Coupon Code will not apply to this item on Cyber Monday at this Low price.

Cyber Monday Price: $29.99

Also on Cyber Monday enter the coupon code”cyber monday ” for an additional 10%  off PowerGenix  NiZn Rechargeable batteries and Contigo Autoseal BPA free Drink ware

* some restrictions apply

Available 12:01 a.m.  Cyber Monday 12/01/09  Pacific Time


22 thoughts on “Cyber Monday eneloop Holiday Specials 12/01/09

  1. DepotEco has done me RIGHT!
    We had an issue arise with one of their products that seemed defective. It was a very unusual circumstance and they could have simply brushed me off. Instead they stepped up and took extra good care of me and made things BETTER than right! These are good people with character and they take pride in their operation even when things are not necessarily their fault.
    DepotEco has EARNED a 6 star rating from me! GREAT JOB!

  2. It’s so easy to shop this way. Everything arrived so fast that there is plenty of time for parties. The direct free shipping for out of town gifts saved so much work on packages that next year everyone gets their presents by mail. DepotEco is the best holiday helper I have ever had. Giving me more time is the best gift of all.
    Thanks for that and the extra gifts you send.
    DepotEco is the greatest.

  3. WOO-HOO!

    Thank you very much, I’m looking forward to playing with it and listening into the world of shortwave.

    We do only local installs here in Allen, Texas.

    Let me know if I can help you!

    (good marketing catch phrase!)

    Thanks again!!

  4. My Loops came today!
    MAN you guys are FAST!
    Thanks for the cool shirt (perfect fit) and water bottle.

    I’m spreadin the word!
    Thanks again!

  5. WOW! That’s cool…thank you very much!! I will be back for more and I will make sure each gift recipient knows exactly where to get more batteries!

  6. Dutch you rock! 🙂 We tossed in a XL Shirt and a eneloop water bottle.. Check out the bottle its made from that new Poly free plastic!. Also You may be the winner of the C.Crane Radio. We are still going over the madness but so far your the biggest spender!!!. So for that Thank you again! . Now please wear that eneloop shirt.. eneloops need lots of advertising.. we need to get everyone to use them, Imagine the amount of alkaline batteries in a landfill..

    Thanks again Dutch..
    Notice we did put up a new coupon code.
    Right on the front page in the specials box. Hopefully we can teach our visitors to look there and sign in (LOGIN) first so they get the best deals on our Green Goods.

    Rock on Dutch!.
    Thanks Again.
    Keep your eyes tuned here for the Winner of the C.Crane Radio!>

  7. I’m part of the reason you are sold out of the Eneloop packages! I purchased several for myself and many others for Christmas gifts. This is “a gift that keeps on giving Clark” 🙂 . These will serve as a “starter kit” for many members in my family to move them away from disposable batteries and start saving money!

    Thanks for great prices DepotEco!!

  8. DepotEco is the first place I look for gifts to go out of town. Okay they aren’t gift wrapped, but wrapping paper is not very green anyway and with free shipping too it cuts the gift list list down fast. I like to think a gift like an Eneloop power pack that saves money every time you use it is a more thoughtful gift. Anyway that’s my story and I’m sticking too it. This is a very good deal! Thank You.

  9. WOW! 5% more off! thanks, how do you do it?
    your Eneloop Batteries are already a great deal with free shipping. DepotEco seems to be about teaching sustainable living more than making money. It is great to see someone saving the planet without asking for a handout. You do it by selling stuff that saves the consumer money and stops waste from going to the landfill.
    I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

  10. These LED Christmas lights use very little electricity. This year we are going wild decorating for the boat parade. With an auxiliary battery pack and an inverter we can run all the lights we want without maxing out the main batteries. The solar panels keep the standby batteries ready at all times. Thank you DepotEco for all your good advise and affordable prices. The products you have suggested will pay for themselves in energy savings before long. Shopping on line is a lot easier from the high seas and you always get the package to our next port of call on time to pick up when we arrive.

  11. Actually, my camera used to use three alkaline batteries to one eneloop charge now. Eneloops last even longer in my mouse, I don’t bother to turn it off any more. One Eneloop rechargeable battery replaces more like three thousand alkaline batteries in my world. I just buy gadgets that use eneloops now. But I am waiting until Cyber Monday, then I will be back for your specials.

  12. gunna get me lots of eneloops.. great for my Boat! and RV.. I cant believe more people are not jumbing at the chanvce for Free Shipping on Sanyo eneloop batteries from
    I know i will get lots of them Thanks for the Great Cyber monday Sale on eneloops and your great Fire and Light recycled Glass to!.

  13. This sounds like a great deal! Thanks for having the sale. I guess I better get up early or stay up late so I make sure I can get one of those free gifts too!!!

  14. Jeep ? what are you smoking? I am not even sure what that means>??

    Now eneloops… yes very good. and some one was saying something about charging a return deposit fee like on soda bottles for non rechargeable batteries..
    That’s a great idea.. Make people bring those bad boys in and instead of giving them money they can get eneloops or something.. Now we need Democrats to buy eneloops and give them to people for turning in there alkalines!.

  15. Read above. we have added updated info to our cyber Monday specials, also a coupon code for cyber monday and Amazon Saving to..

    Leave some comments or we will think no one is interested !

  16. Are you going to introduce any new products for the Black Friday-Cyber Monday weekend? I am getting my holiday shopping early this year.

  17. Circuit City Bankrupt. Watch out all you gift certificate holders. DepotEco always fills my order promptly, thank you DepotEco. I would rather order on line and go hiking instead of spending the day at the box mall.

  18. You guys are so cool, You always have the best deal on eneloop’s. and now I see you have LED holiday lights.
    Ill be back on Cyber Monday .. and sooner.
    Thanks guys you rock!

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