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eneloop shells adapter

Eneloop D and C ?

They do offer the adapter shells. Some people have great success with these others report back that they seem not to work at all.

Tips, for using the eneloop D and C shells.

1. Make sure the AA battery is completely inserted into the Spacer / Adapter. The Small tip of the eneloop (positive) needs to touch the extremely small ring of metal on the inside of the tip of the adapter.

2. In many case the AA eneloop battery bottom (negative) side is to small to touch the negative contact terminal in the flashlight or other devices .

Solution, Tape a washer or a penny to the eneloops negative side/ bottom of the adapter terminal after inserting the AA battery. This should then provide sufficient contact area for the device.

One of our customers recently sent this in to us. ( Thanks for the feedback !! )

“This may be a new one for you. I knew that I had pushed the AA battery completely into the D cell adapter because it clicked into place. I even pushed the two D cells together inside the flashlight housing to make sure they made contact. This is in a Mag light 2 D-cell flashlight.
Well, as I looked at the two parts of the flashlight I noticed the butt end with the wire coil that presses against the batteries was larger than the AA battery butt end in the adapter. Ah HA! I put a balled up piece of foil over the AA battery end and screwed the butt end of the flashlight on and, voila’! It works! So, it was simply the coiled end of the flashlight was larger than the AA battery so no contact was made. Please add this to your support notes for other Eneloop users who may run into the same issue.

BTW, I’m still very happy with this kit. If a bit of foil is all it takes to reduce my dependence on disposable batteries then that’s fine! I can reuse the same bit of foil over and over and over and over and…….”

We love to hear that about eneloops.. 🙂 and yes they are worth any extra effort.


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