Eneloop Travel Charger

eneloop compact charger 2AA 2000mAh
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Product ID : SEC-TDR02N
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eneloop Travel / Compact Charger with 2 AA eneloop 1500 cycle batteries. 

  • Worldwide Voltage (110-240V)
  • Charges Up To 2 AA
  • Charges 2 AA in 4 Hours

This travel charger kit allows you to charge 2 AA NiMh batteries in about 4 hours with no memory effects and a full charge every time. The low self discharge maintains more that 85% of the charge after 1 year.

This Sanyo Eneloop AA Rechargeable NiMH Batteries with MDR02 2-Position Charger (2-Pack) includes 2-AA batteries with the MDR02 2-Position Charger. Sanyo Eneloop AA Rechargeable NiMH Batteries combine the advantages of disposable batteries along with the advantages of rechargeable batteries. Because the batteries have a low self-discharge, the batteries are shipped charged and ready to use. The low self-discharge design allows you to store the Eneloop batteries for months and they will still provide almost full capacity and performance. Even after being stored for 1 year, the battery holds 85% of its charge. The included MDR02 2-Position Charger allows you to charge 2 AA Eneloop batteries at the same time. It can be used around the world since it will automatically switch from 110-240V. The charger will fully charge 2 AAs in 3.83 hours. When charging the batteries there isn't any memory effect, so you get a full charge every time. The batteries have a life cycle of around a 1500/1800 charges. One of the main features of Eneloop batteries is that they operate at higher voltage levels than many similar batteries. Many applications switch off or show the low battery signal if the voltage is lower than 1.1V. A traditional NiMH battery will lose its voltage at this critical level. Eneloop batteries, however, will keep the voltage level over 1.1V for a long time. That is why Eneloop batteries last longer than a standard 2700 mAh battery.



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