New SANYO “Double X” (XX) At

AA-size battery, XX powered by eneloop technology, the highest capacity eneloop boasting Typ. 2500 mAh(see *1) of power. Utilizing proprietary eneloop technology, the XX powered by eneloop is ready to use right out of the package and retains up to 75% of its charge after one year of storage(see *2). The XX powered by eneloop package of four-AA batteries will be available next month at an MSRP of $24.99. Amazon will be featuring the item for pre-sale starting on June 30.

Battery Expiration Dates

Battery Expiration Dates. Learn about alkaline battery life, AA battery life, 9V battery life and more. Since the life you’ll get from a battery is dependent on when the battery was made, not necessarily when it was put into service, it’s important to know the date code so you can be sure the battery you buy is “fresh” and hasn’t been sitting on the shelf for a couple of years. Batteries operate on a chemical

Panasonic's Sanyo tender offer succeeds

Panasonic announced the plan to make Sanyo a subsidiary in November 2008, saying the tender offer would take place last spring. The delay in achieving the goal was mainly due to difficulties in clearing antitrust laws in countries where Panasonic and Sanyo operate.

Why eneloop?

1 eneloop = 1000 alkiline batteries. Think of the cost savings alone. Then think of how many alkaline batteries are sitting in a Landfill near you!. eneloops are recyclable after there useful life. Read below for the full story.