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Overall Rating: 99.83%
Average Rating: 9.98/10
Great products for my Volcano and great prices and delivery service-! Thanks -
Burt , Eye witness
Absolutely tremendous. First off, they delivered rapidly and straightforwardly from the US to the UK. Second, the email correspondence I had with them was friendly and extremely helpful. Third, they enabled me to repair two (fairly expensive) items for a completely reasonable cost. Good for them. I'd recommend them to anyone. Love Stevie xx
Stevie Makin
Depoteco has an great selection of products that I Can’t find anywhere else. It is safe reliable and the customer service I got from Matt went above and beyond. Such a refreshing change of pace from some of these faceless companies I’ve dealt with. I would recommend them to anyone.
Perfect service from the U.S.A all the way to the U.K.
Parts were delivered with how to install instructions. The hand-drawn smiley face and thanks on the delivery note, oddly made my day and added a personal touch that was most welcome during these testing times.
A eco friendly company helping me get more years out of my trusty Volcano. Good job!
“ Here we are during the Covid-19 pandemic & my Volcano Vaporizer goes out. Within hours after my order was placed (I placed my order on 6-24-2020/PST at 1:00am), at 8:45am, I received the tracking info that indicated my package was well on it’s way; receiving my order on 6-26-2020 at 11:29am. Anyone that owns a Volcano vaporizer understands it's a product that you cannot live without if you're in pain. This nice company got me the repair pieces needed to get me back & running & out of pain quick. The replacement was easy; a video explaining everything was easy. Just remember to unplug your Volcano before you do any repairs on it. Please definitely order products from this company, you will be extremely satisfied...I know I am, and I’m coming back too. "
The team behind depoteco are life-savers! Thanks to their parts and step-by-step instructions, replacing my broken volcano button was a breeze! Not only did I quickly receive quality product for my investment, I also received prompt responses to a concern I had over the heat resistant wrap storz and bickel uses to cover the insulation. Matt William's customer service elevated my experience above and beyond! Thank you depoteco!
Ordered the. Volcano switches green and red 3 days ago and got them this afternoon, they beat Amazon where I had to buy the special driver. Good people, great service.
Ronnor, ronnor inc.
The shipment is on the way, more when switches gets here, so far good service.

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