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Overall Rating: 99.84%
Average Rating: 9.98/10
My volcano was my faithful companion for over 6 years, through heavy and light use it never failed me. Like others I was wary of trusting this site or even other sources to repair my vaporizer after it became such a beloved appliance in my household. Depoteco delivered my green rocker air switch less than two days after I ordered late one night after my old switch broke and shot sparks in my face.

Compare the information from your broken switch before choosing, but I would absolutely recommend depoteco. Although I read the repair was simple enough I was already thinking of replacing my volcano with a new digit or even better yet hybrid but that's already looking at $480-$700. Amazon offers a similar, perhaps more generic green rocker switch that others have suggested online but the voltage isn't the same as the volcano classic's switches. Although I had to pay for shipping after purchasing from depot eco unlike amazon, they beat their 3-8 day estimate and had me up and running with my volcano again after I connected the leads to the new switch and screwed chassis back on, I was probably ready to go in five minutes and most of that time was spent making sure leads and screws were applied tightly.

I never write reviews unless the product or service is incredibly great or terrible, and depoteco got my volcano repaired in less than two days for under $14 including shipping.
I purchased a green switch for my volcano classic that had finally broken after 12 years. I was hesitant about purchasing a replacement online instead of just sending it in to get it fixed, but I chose to take the leap and order from depoteco. I was rather surprised at how quickly I got my delivery, within 4 days my package arrived in great condition. I installed the switch and it seems to be working again like it always used to. I'm glad I took the chance, and will definitely be back to buy again if I ever need anything else related to my volcano
Ordered replacements for switches on my Volcano Classic. Original parts and really fast shipping (fast delivery too). Thanks for such a great service.
I placed an order for some batteries, but I ordered the wrong size. I emailed them about returning the wrong one's I had ordered by mistake and ordering the right size, Matt suggested that I keep the wrong size, that I would likely need them or find a use for them, and to just place another order for the correct ones I needed, which made sense, I appreciated that recommendation. So I placed an order for the correct size batteries, but again I somehow ordered the wrong size again. Matt contacted me via email, and stated that he saw my order, and from our previous email knew it was incorrect, and wanted to hold the order until he heard from me that day. He had even sent me a paypal invoice for the amount difference to get the right ones payed for and shipped that day, this is all before he heard back from me.
This is why I choose to order from an actual company, and NOT from amazon. This is customer service at it's best, an employee that remembers what a customer wanted, and goes the extra mile to ensure everything is correct for the customer. Thank you for the extra effort Matt!
Craig K
Great products for my Volcano and great prices and delivery service-! Thanks -
Burt , Eye witness
Absolutely tremendous. First off, they delivered rapidly and straightforwardly from the US to the UK. Second, the email correspondence I had with them was friendly and extremely helpful. Third, they enabled me to repair two (fairly expensive) items for a completely reasonable cost. Good for them. I'd recommend them to anyone. Love Stevie xx
Stevie Makin
Depoteco has an great selection of products that I Can’t find anywhere else. It is safe reliable and the customer service I got from Matt went above and beyond. Such a refreshing change of pace from some of these faceless companies I’ve dealt with. I would recommend them to anyone.
Perfect service from the U.S.A all the way to the U.K.
Parts were delivered with how to install instructions. The hand-drawn smiley face and thanks on the delivery note, oddly made my day and added a personal touch that was most welcome during these testing times.
A eco friendly company helping me get more years out of my trusty Volcano. Good job!

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