Volcano Vaporizer Switch Replacement (Classic and Digit)

Volcano Vaporizer Classic & Digit Switch Replacement DIY Guide Update 04/17/2017 Please be sure you have a Genuine Volcano from Storz and Bickel.. Our parts do not work on anything but the Real unit.. We will not refund you if you have a Counterfeit unit!.  Please make sure you have the Real thing.. See this Article here for more info on Fake volcanoes. How to spot a fake Volcano Vaporizer click here. DepotEco Assumes no

New SANYO “Double X” (XX) At DepotEco.com

AA-size battery, XX powered by eneloop technology, the highest capacity eneloop boasting Typ. 2500 mAh(see *1) of power. Utilizing proprietary eneloop technology, the XX powered by eneloop is ready to use right out of the package and retains up to 75% of its charge after one year of storage(see *2). The XX powered by eneloop package of four-AA batteries will be available next month at an MSRP of $24.99. Amazon will be featuring the item for pre-sale starting on June 30.

Battery Expiration Dates

Battery Expiration Dates. Learn about alkaline battery life, AA battery life, 9V battery life and more. Since the life you’ll get from a battery is dependent on when the battery was made, not necessarily when it was put into service, it’s important to know the date code so you can be sure the battery you buy is “fresh” and hasn’t been sitting on the shelf for a couple of years. Batteries operate on a chemical

Earth Day Sales at DepotEco.com

PowerGenix and DepotEco have teamed up to bring you an Earth Day special. DepotEco.com & Ecobatteries.net will be offering the extremely popular
Powergenix 5-Hour Fast Charger with 8 AA 1.6v Rechargeable NiZn Battery “Special” for just $24.99 a savings of $7.00 more than 20% off! (4 per household)
also available at Depoteco@Amazon or EcoBatteries.net our Amazon Shop

A Homeowner’s Guide to Septic Systems

Did you know that as a homeowner you’re responsible for maintaining your septic system? Did you know thatmaintaining your septic system protects your investment in your home? Did you know that you should periodically inspect your system and pump out your septic tank? If properly designed, constructed and maintained, your septic system can provide long-term, effective treatment of household wastewater. If your septic system isn’t maintained, you might need to replace it, costing you thousands