Volcano Vaporizer Switch Replacement (Classic and Digit)

Volcano Vaporizer Classic & Digit Switch Replacement DIY Guide Update 04/17/2017 Please be sure you have a Genuine Volcano from Storz and Bickel.. Our parts do not work on anything but the Real unit.. We will not refund you if you have a Counterfeit unit!.  Please make sure you have the Real thing.. See this Article here for more info on Fake volcanoes. How to spot a fake Volcano Vaporizer click here. DepotEco Assumes no

Volcano Classic and Digit Switch Combo’s now on sale at DepotEco.com

OEM Replacement Switch combo’s for Volcano Classic and Digit now on sale at DepotEco with Free Ground Shipping. Buy Volcano Switches click here Replacement Switch combos for your Volcano Vaporizer Digit and Classic switch replacement needs. Easy replacement at home no need to ship off your Volcano. Simply pop out your broken switch, pop in your new switch and plug in the 2 wires. You will be up and running in minutes..  This Combo includes