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DepotEco.com (Green Online Products ) and the eneloopstore.com were created with one purpose in mind: to find and distribute the best in eco-friendly products. We look for products that make our lifestyles both more efficient and less harmful to the earth and as we and our customers know, many of the green products that are best for the health of our environment are also the most economical and practical choices for us as consumers. Some of these products are well-known and some are under the radar; it is our mission to bring them all to the forefront and make them available to you. It was the rewarding experience of converting a 60 year old ranch style home into a state-of-the-art, green, energy-saving home that inspired the founder of these websites to make it as easy and inexpensive as possible for other people to green up their lives. With this goal always in mind, we have been dedicated to seeking out the smartest and greenest products to offer through our online stores. We also try to provide as much insight and relevant information as we can, to help you choose which products to buy and how best to use them. We want to share everything we’ve learned over the years, all of the tips and traps!

We believe our actions should match our words, so keeping our business operations as green as possible on our end has always been a top priority. We offer free local delivery using our Nissan LEAF fully electric car. Also, all of our shipments from Oregon are packed using recycled materials; we use packing peanuts made from corn starch so they dissolve 100% in water and we reuse boxes to keep them from the landfills. We feel these measures are a great start, but we’re continually looking for ways to make our business operations even greener.

We founded DepotEco.com in Santa Barbara Ca., an area that has been at the forefront of green thinking ever since the 1969 oil spill that motivated its citizens to start Earth Day and form many of the first environmental groups in the US. Currently, Santa Barbara’s Green Business Program supports local businesses greening their operations and the city has adopted a Sustainable City Program which works to promote sustainable practices and reduce the emissions that contribute to global climate change. With these programs and other forward thinking land-use and development policies, Santa Barbara is well on its way to becoming a global model for sustainable living, and the perfect community for our business to be based.

We have now Relocated to the Oregon South Coast (Gold Beach). This Location allows us to take advantage of Oregon's No Sales Tax!

At the end of the day, our sincere hope is that the green products we provide will help you make simple changes that are completely practical and also beneficial to the earth. We at DepotEco.com / GreenOnlineProducts.com and eneloopstore.com thank you sincerely for your interest in green, eco-friendly products and we remain dedicated to making the best of those products available to you.

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