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Magical Butter Machine

MagicalButter "Magical" Products

DepotEco is happy to offer the MagiclaButter Magical line of products.
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Magic Butter Rocks

Note*  The MagicalButter Machine is already discounted and not affected by the promo code.

Magical products include the MB2e MagicalButter Machine, Premium Gelatin Gummy Mix, BPA-free Silicone Molds for Butter, Gummys, Bars, Candies and the Decarb Box for easy no fuss Decarboxylation.

Magical Butter Machine
$224.00 $199.00
Decarb Box
Butter Tray
2ml Gummy Trays
8ml Gummy Trays
10mL Gummy Trays
Granola Bar Mold
Silicone Spatulas
Gummy Mix 4 Pack
$59.95 $53.90
Product is out of stock
Blue Raspberry Gummy Mix
$14.95 $14.00
Cherry Gummy Mix
$14.95 $14.00
Lime Gummy Mix
$14.95 $14.00
Mango Gummy Mix
$14.95 $14.00
Sunflower Lecithin
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