Problems Checking Out?

Problems checking out?  Your card was declined?

An AVS (Address Verification System) mismatch occurs when the billing information entered into the checkout form does not exactly match the information on file with the bank for that card. Although your Credit Card Bank has confirmed that you have sufficient funds your Credit Card Bank has chosen not to take them because your billing address is not exactly the same as the information your credit card bank has on file. This is done to prevent fraudulent orders. 

Each time you submit an order, the bank places an authorization hold for the charge amount on your account. In the event of an AVS mismatch, this authorization will NOT be captured by our system, and the PENDING charge you see on your online banking system will disappear in 1-3 days. 

How do I fix it? 

To avoid AVS mismatch errors at checkout, please make sure to enter your billing information exactly as it appears on your bank billing statement

Verify the address is setup correctly with your credit card company

Sometimes the bank or credit card issuer may have an old or incorrect address entered in their system.
If you moved recently, updating a mailing address will ensure credit card statements reach the new address, but that’s it. Your billing information for the card isn’t automatically changed. The cardholder will need to contact the card issuer to make sure the billing address used for verification is up-to-date.

If the billing address is a P.O. BOX, contact the card issuer.
P.O. Boxes can often cause issues if they are set up incorrectly in the bank's Address Verification system.
To fix these errors, the cardholder will need to contact the bank or credit card company and inform them that the billing address is entered incorrectly for verification purposes.

I'm sure it's correct, what now?!

If you're 100% sure the billing information is correct, your bank may be declining the transaction because it's being routed through an international merchant processor. You'll have to call your bank and let them know this is a legitimate transaction before trying again. 

Your card was declined. This transaction requires authentication.

What this decline code means

Since 2019, card issuers can provide an "authentication required" decline code when declining an attempted payment. Typically, this means that a customer should retry the payment using 3D Secure authentication. The bank may request authentication to comply with regulation, such as Strong Customer Authentication in Europe, or to validate that the customer is legitimate. If an authenticated payment is declined with the decline code the customer should contact their card issuer for more information, or retry with a different form of payment.

You may also use our PayPal payment option as PayPal is a bit more forgiving with Non U.S.A Orders and some AVS Address locations.

For more help or questions please contact us.

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