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How to buy Bulk / Wholesale Eco Friendly Rechargeable Batteries from DepotEco.com - eneloopstore.com

To purchase eneloops, rechargeable batteries at wholesale prices on this site, you will first need to register for your account.

Click Register at the top of the site. Once you have created an account we will need a copy of your professional business license and or your resale certificate in order to approve your account to view our eneloop batteries wholesale prices.

Please fax these documents to (866) 212 - 3330.

If you are a Professional Photographer, Military, US Government, County or City Government, as well as Forest service, Law enforcement, EMT etc.... We will accept your business license, Badge numbers or government PO's as your PRO eneloop store credentials.

All rechargeable batteries are shipped FOB Gold Beach Oregon.

All discounts are applied after your registration has been approved by us. Until you are approved for our Wholesale prices you will see our extremely low Retail prices. Once we have your Professional credentials we will then set your ProBattery.pro - eneloopstore.pro discounted price based on your projected purchasing volume, and eneloop battery needs.

**1/4 case minimum for all Wholesale / Bulk sales**.

All Bulk / Wholesale orders are charged up front before shipment. Shipping cost are included. Wholesale / Bulk orders do not qualify for free shipping promos.. Please select your Shipping option upon checkout, if you choose Free Shipping we will adjust your order to standard UPS Ground and add the difference to your order.

Retailers in need of eneloop rechargeable batteries. Fax us your reseller certificate and business license. Once we have your information we will send you some paper work regarding the Minimum Advertised Prices of any of the products we sell to you for the purpose of resale.
You must agree to the MAP terms set forth in the agreement or we cannot sell to you at wholesale prices.

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