Why eneloop?

What is it that makes this rechargeable battery special?

Rechargeable, eneloop can be charged 2100 times, before it needs to be replaced.
eneloop battery is delivered pre-charged to the store and is ready for immediate use following purchase. There is no need to charge-before-use. Once the application has used all or some of the energy, eneloop can be charged like a conventional rechargeable battery, 2100 times, before it needs replacing.

The environment

  • eneloop is rechargeable/reuseable 2100 times
  • eneloop is recyclable. Just call 1-800-Recycle

eneloop at depoteco.com

Retains Capacity... Even After 10 Years

INCREDIBLY LONG STORAGE LIFE – Panasonics new eneloop batteries deliver pre-charged power right out of the package. Fully charged cells maintain up to 70% of their charge after five years of storage. eneloop is pre charged and is ready for immediate use after purchase, straight from the pack. Just like Primary Batteries.

There is no need to charge-before-use.

Comparison of remaining capacity over time

eneloop compared to regular rechargeables

1 Estimated battery charge when stored separately (not installed in a product) and kept within a temperature range of -4 to 86 degree Fahrenheit.

eneloop lasts longer in comparison with dry cell batteries
Advantages of Ni-MH batteries are still inherent in eneloop for example, superior performance in digital cameras (four times more shots than with alkalines) and the excellent stability even at low temperatures, for example while skiing.


And eneloop can be charged with virtually all modern chargers for Ni-MH batteries.



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