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At we’re celebrating Earth Day by offering specials on green, eco-friendly products that both minimize our impact on the earth and add simplicity to our own lives. We and our customers have come to realize that many of the green products we can use to help the environment can at the same time make our own routines more economical and practical. One way to cut down on waste, and on our own expenses, is to use reusable bags, reusable mugs, and rechargeable batteries. In honor of Earth Day we’re offering the following specials to make it easier than ever for people to make these simple changes.

PowerGenix NiZn Rechargeable Battery Earth Day Special.

PowerGenix and DepotEco have teamed up to bring you an extra special Earth Day deal. will be offering the extremely popular
Powergenix 5-Hour Fast Charger with 8 AA 1.6v Rechargeable NiZn Battery “Special” for just $24.99 a savings of $7.00 more than 20% off! ( Limit 4 per household)
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Contigo AUTOSEAL Mugs

Earth Day week 2010  purchase a Indigo Blue Contigo AUTOSEAL Mug for only $9.99 rather than the regular $18.99 price (limited 2 per household while  supplies last). The Stainless Steel AUTOSEAL Mug has a double wall, is vacuum-insulated and has a 100% leak proof lid that seals after every sip.

Rayovac PS3 Universal Smart Battery Charger with one AAA Rayovac Hybrid Four pack

This Year has acquired the remaining USA inventory of the now discontinued but extremely popular Rayovac PS3 Universal Smart Battery Charger!  So we are going to offer them to you for the price of $28.99 and throw in one  4 pack of Rayovac Hybrid AAA NiMh LSD Rechargeable Batteries for $7.99. (limited to four per household while  supplies last $36.98 Total)
Rayovac PS3 Universal Smart Battery Charger only at and


With these eco-friendly products you can greatly reduce your use of disposable cups and Alkaline Batteries, but these aren’t the only changes we want to help you make this year.
Our sincere hope is that these Earth Day specials will help you to make some simple changes this year that are completely practical and will also minimize your footprint on the earth.

We at thank you for your interest in green, eco-friendly products and wish you a great Earth Day.

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4 thoughts on “Earth Day Sales at

  1. Holy Crap!…. That’s awesome, Ill be inline early for these.. That green Mug is way cool. I have only seen it on Contigo’s web site. DepotEco you guys always seem to know the products we want need!. keep it up..
    See you on Earth day 2009

  2. DepotEco ROCKS, last year you told me about Eneloop Batteries. Hey Depoteco, is that the blue plastic shipping container? I know they are only packaging but they are really convenient. The latches are the only thing that require a little care. Mine are still way too good to throw away. It seem much better than blister packs. In fact the blister packed batteries now live in the blue boxes. And by the way, how much are the power packs going to be? Is the sale the same as last year, just 24 hours? Can I preorder a green mug?

    1. Yup. the very same one. Also it will not be around much longer it looks like so get them while you can. Sanyo is up to some changes, not only will the prices increase on eneloop batteries in June, but we will see some other changes in packaging and such..
      So just remember the prices on eneloops are scheduled to go up from Japan in June..
      Happy Earth Day 2009.

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