Green Autoseal Mugs from Contigo

WE love great new products like these.  BPA Free, Spill Proof Hot/Cold Mugs. Kids Mugs to for Smaller hands.

Check them out .

Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Travel Mugs

BPA free. (2 Pack 1 Blue and 1Stainless) – Two Stainless Steel Auto Seal Mugs. Impossible to spill, and 100% leak-proof. Those are pretty bold claims, but they are what AUTOSEAL® is all about. Need a leak-proof travel mug to use in the car? Need a spill-proof coffee mug to use at your desk? Need a travel mug that will keep your coffee hot for hours? How about all of the above? AUTOSEAL® has you covered. The Stainless Steel AUTOSEAL® Mug has a double wall and is vacuum-insulated, ensuring that your hot coffee or other beverages stay that way for hours.

2 Pack Contigo Mugs

  • Patented AUTOSEAL® lid is 100% leak-proof and 100% spill-proof.
  • Drinking made easy! Press to sip. Release to seal. AUTOSEAL® automatically seals between sips to ensure no spills.
  • Vacuum-insulated technology keeps beverages hot for 4 hours, and cold for 12 hours.
  • Contoured body makes this mug easy to hold and easy on the eyes.
  • Will hold up to 16 oz. of your favorite beverage and fits most standard car cupholders.

3 thoughts on “Green Autoseal Mugs from Contigo

  1. Good idea Wendy. I will be sending a few more things from DepotEco directly to my gift receivers to be sure they arrive in time. They sent me a cool LED lantern/flashlight with a magnet base with the hanging ring as a gift. I haven’t seen it on the website yet. It is really cool. Hopefully they will have it up for sale soon. I would definitely like to give some. Of course the first thing I did with mine is put in Eneloop rechargeable batteries, it uses 3 AAA size in a holder. Be sure they are each properly inserted before you slide in the holder. It only goes one way, the groove in line with the metal strip. The hanging ring/magnet can be moved to either end of the lantern making it one of the most versatile little battery LED lights I have ever seen.
    Thank You!

  2. The mugs are great! Thanks for the sneak preview. Child sizes are a wonderful idea. Still time to send some from Depoteco direct for gifts. I hope you have a lot of these. This really is a great way to shop. Every week I send a few gifts at the push of a button, then when I get the tracking number I send that in a personal greeting telling the recipient it is on the way.
    No gift wrapping, no gasoline, no shipping, no shoppers and I have with my invoice who got what and when and a tracking number to follow the package all the way. I figure that I can give a nicer gift for the same cost without the hassle. A lot of people are getting a gift for a little more than $25 this year ( to qualify for free shipping). Hey – free shopping and free shipping at DepotEco – You Rock!

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