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Panasonic CC55 'Advanced' eneloop Individual Battery 3 Hour* Quick Charger With 4 LED Charge Indicator Lights

The Panasonic CC55, 4-position Ni-MH battery charger can quickly, and individually charge any combination of up to four AA or AAA eneloop batteries in just 3 hours (1 to 2 AA or AAA batteries can be fully charged in up to 1.5 hours).*
Individual charging means you can easily and efficiently charge from 1 to 4 cells with differing levels of remaining charge. A huge time saver!

  • Individual quick battery charging technology
  • Charge 4AA / 4AAA eneloop cells in 3 hrs*
  • 4 individual LED "fuel gauge" charging lights
  • Peak Cut 'sensing' charger technology
  • Battery sensing safety technology – auto off
  • Includes 4 AA eneloop batteries

Quickly Charge 1-4 Batteries

The Panasonic CC55, 4-position Ni-MH rechargeable battery charger is designed to charge eneloop and eneloop pro battery cells quickly, safely,
and efficiently. Four fully drained eneloop AA or AAA batteries can be completely recharged in approximately 3 hours; 1-2 AA/AAA in 1.5 hours (eneloop pro 4AA or 4AAA approx. 4 hours, 1-2AA/AAA in 2 hours).

4 LED Charge Indicators

4 individual LED lights indicate the remaining charge of each battery cell; Green 80-100%, Orange 20%-80%, and Red 0%-20%.
After a battery reaches the next level of charging, the LED light changes to indicate that cells charge level. Once a battery is completely charged, the corresponding LED turns off

Battery Sensing Technology

Built-in 'battery sensing' technology will automatically stop the charging process if a non-rechargeable battery is inserted into the unit. The charger will also stop charging if batteries become overheated during the charging proces.

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