P8720 NRG Emergency Light and Power Bank

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Price: $22.00
Product ID : P8720
Weight: 0.75

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The NRG™ Emergency Light and Power Bank

  • Magnetic Base Attaches to Vehicles
  • Super Bright LED Light
  • Stays Lit up to 6 hours
  • Flashing Red Hazard Function
  • Powerful Emergency Battery
  • Fully Charges Mobile Devices
  • USB and Micro USB Compatible

Be Safe, Be Prepared - The NRG™ Emergency Light and Power Bank provides you with a convenient source of light as well as a power source for when your phone or tablet starts running out of juice. Telescoping design keeps the unit compact while in flashlight mode, simply expand it to reveal the lantern function. Extend the bottom and you’ll find a USB input and micro USB output. In an emergency you can activate the flashing red strobe and the magnetic base lets you attach it to your car or other metal object.

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Reviewed by Customer Review
on Feb 17, 2016
Great to have in the car!
By Ken A. Williams on December 23, 2015
Great to have in the car. Ran out of gas and had to walk home about 2 miles and it lit with way. Nice to be able to charge my phone too. Seams well built, Delivery was quick and the item was packed securely. Thinking about getting more to keep around the house for when the power goes out (safer then candles)
Reviewed by
on Feb 15, 2016
This light has it all.
Things not covered in the description:
There are LEDs on the base by the light switch showing the level of charge.
It will charge another device while it is charging.
You can daisy chain from a single computer, car or house power USB outlet.
The light operates while doing any of the above functions.
The base slides out to expose micro USB and regular USB ports when used.
Otherwise they are protected from dust. Micro USB in regular USB out.
The price is on a par with battery packs of similar capacity with no light.
Steady white and flashing red lights operate in spot or lantern position.
With both a hanging hook and a magnet base it is highly adaptable.
The flat base and the triangular shape keep it in position in vertical or
horizontal position. It does not slide or roll.
It is a good thing I got two because it is as useful in the car and the house.
For an emergency kit, a boat or a camping trip it is my choice.

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