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Volcano Classic Replacement Switch Combo.
Includes Torx T8 and T10 Tamper Resistant Screwdrivers and 3(2mm) replacement case screws.

  • 1 Red and 1 Green OEM Replacement rocker switch fits Volcano Classic.
    Note, Replacement switch top will have on off markings as pictured
    • Model SR-06NR-(G),(R) -110V Illuminated rocker switches
    • 16 A 125 VAC, 8 A 250 VAC
    • ON - OFF 3 pins - Light 110 VOLTS
    • Fits Volcano Classic - Also Found in some Bissell 37603 Vacuums
    • Warranty is good for 30 days after your receipt. Please contact us if you need a replacement with in the 30 days.
  • 1 Torx T8 Security Screw Driver to remove the Volcano Case Screws. 
  • 1 Torx T10 Security Screw Driver tool in case your Volcano came with T10 Screws.    
  • 3 Stainless steel replacement screws.
    • T8 Torx / 2mm Allan Hex head size.
    • These screws do not require a security tamper resistant tool. Yes the tool provided in the kit fits these screws.

Replacement Rocker Switch for your Volcano Classic. Green and Red illuminated rocker switch 16 A 125 VAC.
Easy replacement at home no need to ship off your Volcano, simply pop out your broken switch, pop in your new switch and plug in the 3 wires. You will be up and running in minutes.

Note, this item is not authorized for resale without our prior written consent.  Please beware of imposters selling our wares,  buy your Volcano replacement switch from DepotEco.

Limit 2 combo's per customer please. See Link Below for installation.

Volcano switch replacement DIY Instructions

CSA Standards

CSA Logo

Certified to CAN / CSA C22.2 No. 55:
This is the switch standard for Canada designed to go into other low voltage (below 600V) appliances. This receive the “CSA Mark” or if combined with a USA approval, the “cCSAus Mark”.

Certified to ANSI / UL 1054:
This is the switch standard for the USA for UL recognized component switches designed for low voltage (below 600V) appliances.  This will get the “CSAus mark” or if combined with a Canada approval, the “cCSAus Mark”.

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Reviewed by Awack
on Jan 18, 2022
Volcano Classic Switch Combo Kit All you need.
This kit is perfect. it includes the Screws and both T10 and T8 screw drivers to get your old screws out. The installation of the switch is very easy and now my cano is puffing again!.
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