Volcano Balloon Bags


Price: $3.50
Product ID : VolcBag
Weight: 0.50
Min/Max Order: 1 / 4

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Volcano Bags Balloon Tube

Volcano 10 feet/3 meters balloon material, enough for 15 balloons of the standard size of 2 feet/60 cm (approx. 8 litres). The balloon tube material consists of highly pure, robust and seamless polyester. It is heat-resistant, food safe and odor-free. The Original Volcano balloon consists of highly pure and robust polyester. It is heat-prof, food-safe and flavorless Note only for SOLID VALVE! sets.

Note: Limit 4 Bag Rolls per order.

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Reviewed by Awack
on Nov 25, 2020
5 Stars
looking everywhere for the Real S&B Volcano Balloon Bags.. Depoteco has them .. !! Thank you . Perfect!
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